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9-11 2001

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In remembrance of those who perished on this date.  I give my most humble prayerful remembrance of their deaths.  I wish our President would have a moment of silence and prayer for them and their families. For the brave American soldiers who have been wounded or passed defending our liberties, I give you a tearful salute and undying gratitude.  I pledge my son to follow if necessary in your brave and dedicated footsteps.  My son is aware of all that transpired to bring us to this point and knows that murdering  jihad ist muslims are the enemy. To all the brave soldiers still serving I thank you as a fellow former soldier. My family could not enjoy our liberties today if not for you.

I pray on this day that “We” as a nation hold true to ourselves and seek truth.  The truth is we were attacked and American civilians were murdered.  We must never forget.  My greatest hope is that our nation can come together united under a cause greater than each of us.  Save our Republic by honoring the Constitution and quit using each other for personal or political gain.  Honor this day for those who died and those who continue to die in the name of freedom.  I do not care what your political point of view is today as long as you are an American first.  I embrace you. 

No politicians should ever use 9-11 in any way other than to pay their respect.  If they do, turn your back on them because they have no shame.  All soldiers are honored and welcome in my house.  9-11 should be a day of remembrance for those who lost their lives and the brave men and women in our armed forces.  Every day of my life is better for those who choose to serve.  Thank you from all of the Clowdus family.  May you return victorious and swiftly to the America you defend.  God Bless


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September 11, 2009 at 5:37 pm

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How to Fix Government

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I have thought long and hard on this subject over the past twenty years as I have observed one scandal after another. We need to elect regular people who struggle to get along with all the taxes and government regulation the way most of us “common folk” do.  How many aides does a soccer mom of three young children need? She does it by herself. How many aides does the average construction superintendent have? None, he has to get the building up on time and under budget or get fired. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have common sense be common among congress?

The rich elite that have governed (ruled) in this country for the past 100 plus years stink at it. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, with the middle class getting crushed. We outnumber the elite 95% to 5%. Why don’t we join up regardless of party and put a stop to it? Almost every district is gerrymandered to suit one party or the other any way. This is done to keep the elite, rich incumbents in office. If all of us common folk joined together one time we would have a government of the people, by the people, for the people. I do not have anything against rich elite people. I say good for them and that gives me hope that one day I will be able to make it or my kids will. They just do not represent me or those like me. The hard working folks of the good ol’ USA.

I would hope that along with myself, others would help me work on bringing down costs of everything “We the People” have to buy or use every day. We would eliminate about 60% of government payrolls, because it takes more than 50 families paying in their hard earned money to fund one government employee. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out if we had say, a million less we could pay 50 million times less. I am guessing that products would cost less as well without a government beuracrat running up the cost to justify his existence.

I have identified cost savings to the American taxpayers of over 50% without cutting services. I think I would want to use that money to pay off our national debt, which could soon cost 20% of our entire federal budget just for the interest! Please vote in the primaries as this is our only chance to rid ourselves of worthless incumbents. Maybe, just maybe, if we elect common folks they will not think they know so much and will just follow the U.S. Constitution. I for one plan on doing nothing more and nothing less. God Bless America!

Veritas Voss Liberabit

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The truth shall set you free.  An excerpt from the gospel of John 8:32, gives us all we need to fight back.  The current administration has a very sophisticated propaganda machine.  Every public media outlet to include  ABC, NBC, CBS is heavily influenced by the current administration.  Only one cable news show still tells both sides of  every issue. This is unprecedented except for Socialist, Nazi, Fascist or Communist regimes.  

Now Obama is trying to shut down the radio talk shows.  These conservative talk shows have skyrocketing ratings, as does the cable news outlet Fox News.  So the truth, is that people are catching on to the false propaganda produced by the Obama machine.  It is a direct violation of our U.S. Constitution to Free Speech.  Where does that leave the current administration’s attitude towards “We the People” ?

I submit to you, that “We the People” had better be vigilant of our God given unalienable rights.  This current government is begotten of ill thinking, self serving, Constitution violating, America hating fools.  They must be stopped.  In order to stop them we must vote in “Joe the Plumber” candidates.  Patriotic, United States of America loving, hard working, average every day citizens.   Can you imagine a Congress that actually represented the average American on a daily basis?

No more big lobby groups, special interest groups, PAC’s or any other kind of anti average American entity.  They would be outlawed for good.   The back lash from big government loving corporations would be severe in the media.  My advice, turn it off.   The elite have run this country for too long and it is high time “We the People” take it back. Seek the truth and it shall set you free.   Veritas Voss Liberabit!

Tea Party Speech

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Opportunity for America

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Opportunity is just that, opportunity to do for yourself free of interference. I am speaking of the ability to easily earn a wage that enables you to feed a family. I would put the average yearly income at north of $65,000 necessary to maintain a family of four. (this varies greatly but works in the Heartland of America, where we tend to live more modestly) Opportunity is the ability to “move up” based on ability and hard work.

 Opportunity is a God given unalienable right to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. A God given right to the fruits of our own labor. A God given right to our property. Redistribution is the antithesis of opportunity. Opportunity creates, redistribution destroys. I would like to see our tax system done away with and impose an opportunity tax. (fair tax) This tax would be based solely on consumption.

 Whenever a person has enjoyed great opportunity and spends that money earned through opportunity it would be taxed at 23%. This would put 150% more money in the tax coffers to pay off our national debt. This would stop wealthy tax cheats, create approximately 4 million more jobs a year in America, shift our trade deficit to our favor, take most control of our economy away from the hands of Congress and put more money in every Americans pocket. No more income taxes, death taxes,social security, medicare, capitol gains et all taxes gone except the opportunity tax. We would have 50 million visitors to the United States paying Social Security taxes here every year through the opportunity tax.

 We could pay off our national debt in 20 years, if Congress can be controlled. We would have more manufacturing facilities here in the U.S. because the average 23% corporate tax and the extra 17% employee tax would be gone. The price of products will go down or stay the same. Mathematical proof- average corporate tax 23%, average employee social security and medicaire/aide tax 17%, average capital gains tax rate 25%, which equals 65% on every product produced. This will not be totally deducted from the cost of products manufactured of course. I am looking for a 30% percent product  price reduction and a 20% increase in wages with the other 15% going to profits for the investors. (I truly believe stock holders should have the only say in compensation for all employees.) 

 Do you see how when wages go up opportunity to buy goes up? This will move America back to a production based economy, from the current consumer based economy. Older Americans would do better under this system as they have already purchased a majority of their goods. (house,cars etc..) A production based economy is based on hard work at home in America. This is how it was until the late 1970’s. We would have $2 dollar gas forever with out all of the government taxes. We would stop the redistribution of America’s wealth to China and the rest of the world. If we throw in utilizing nuclear energy, our own oil, natural gas and coal we would all be living in a better world. We need to “change ” back to the way our Republic was started to enjoy a higher standard of living for all. The federal government takes on average 42% of all money earned and wastes it.

 Let “We the People” take back the fruits of our labor and put the federal government on a diet of 1 trillion a year. (1990 federal budget) This would truly help every American citizen enjoy more opportunity. Please vote out all incumbents in 2010! Maybe again every year until they listen to us!

Put God Back in Government

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I am of one mind and one purpose. When looking at the almost overwhelming attack on the constitution and the people of the United States it becomes clear. Put God back in government! This will cure the corruption and usurpation of  power in Washington D.C. There is only one God, the Great I AM, Alpha and Omega. I am not a politician. I am a servant. We for too long have chosen politicians to lead our nation. No more! We must choose men and women of faith that have only a desire to serve the people. Not the rich elite that line their pockets. Our government is run by a very small percentage of people. Those that have the money to buy advertising and the votes that all too often accompany those television ads. Real campaign finance laws would make it illegal to take more than $200 dollars from anyone, no lobbyists, no company, no corporations, and if you give money back to donors through appropriations or earmarks, you are sent to prison. Putting God fearing men and women in charge of our government, will put the power back in “We the People’s” hands. There is no compromise of principals for a Christian. There is only right and wrong,  good or evil. We all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory, but we know when a mistake is made and how to fix it. We take responsibility for what we do and believe in. We are open and honest at all times. We are never afraid! I have been told by professional politicians to stay away from taking a strong position. They make me laugh. Do these professional politicians even know what they believe? I am of one purpose and one mind. I will put God back in government or die trying. God bless the United States of America!

10 Years of Government Health Care

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Jump ahead ten years to look at government run health care. How do we know what it will look like? What has every program ever run by government looked like? Decimated! Over spent and  under performing. Less doctors because of “cost controls” less than enthusiastic service, because there is no incentive to provide quality care. Long waits! Ever been to the DMV? We only get our license renewed every four years or so. Think about every screaming child with a sore throat, stuffy nose, upset stomach, ear ache, head ache, fever, eye infection etc… Now add in all the middle of the road trauma cases in the ER. Pile on the elderly, where some miles have been put on the ol chasis. We hopefully all will be elderly at some point God willing. Do you see a problem? The elderly will be last served here. We will call them “End of Life” panels. There most certainly will be less incentive to work in the health care field with less money available. Less doctors means less care period. Hospitals will not have money for better or new equipment. There probably will not be any new equipment invented or manufactured because there is no monetary incentive to do so. The government is all about cost containment at this point. they have to be with twelve beuracrats for every doctor. (check England) So they will have more people to say what care, what kind of care, care for whom, how much of the care you get and how much the care can cost, than they will people to treat you. So they will spend more for less. Sounds like a government run program to me. Eventually it will be completely bankrupt much like medicaire is now. Did I mention the 70% tax rates, less jobs available in every sector and over crowded hospitals? Do we really need to know any more than government run health care will be a disaster in ten years?

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August 28, 2009 at 3:08 am